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Gift Your Birthday

Hosted by:Vanessa Behan Crisis Nurs...
Goal: $60,000
$25,860 4 43% Complete

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Everyone has a birthday... use yours to change the life of a child!

Last year the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery provided safe care for nearly 4,000 little ones, but was still forced to turn away more than 2,000 children because we didn't have the financial resources to care for them. What if we had a way to ensure that at least 1,000 of those children would not be turned away in 2013? Would you help us?

Gift Your Birthday, proudly sponsored by STCU, is a campaign that uses the power of your birthday to help the Crisis Nursery care for 5,000 children this year. For your next birthday, pledge to ask for donations for the Crisis Nursery instead of gifts. (Who needs another scarf?) Imagine the impact sharing your birthday could have on the children of our community. What birthday gift could compete with that?