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Team Alex

A Team Fundraising Page Benefiting Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles
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 Welcome to my fundraising page!

The Walk to End Epilepsy will be held on Alex's 13th birthday. 

The fact that Alex is a happy girl, who has graduated from grade school, is an illustration of how far she has progressed as a result of excellent medical care. When she was born, Alex was immediately having uncontrollable siezures, and spent the first several months of her life in various NICU’s while the doctors tried to get her condition under control. Only after going to several hospitals, and a having a large number of doctors try to help, Alex was finally assited in reaching the path to maximizing her potential by the excellent neurologists at UCLA.

While she is in a wheelchair, was bedridden for most of the past year due to bed sores, takes numerous medications, has a number of therapy appointments, and consumes most of her meals from a tube, Alex was able to attend a mainstream school with a full time aide and play with her friends. This would not have been possible without funding for epilepsy research and having quality, trained health care providers.

There are many kids out there that are not as lucky as Alex and they need your help! Please join me by registering as a member of TEAM ALEX for the Walk to End Epilepsy on Sunday, November 17, 2013 at the Rose Bowl. Your involvement helps support care, advocacy and education, today, while investing in research and hope for tomorrow.


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Thanks so much for your generosity!

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles is leading the fight to END EPILEPSY and overcome challenges created by seizures by focusing on Care, Advocacy, Research and Education.To learn more about epilepsy and the local Epilepsy Foundation, visit

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