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A Team Fundraising Page Benefiting The National Children's Cancer Society
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When Dakota was born, parents Nick and Stephanie were just beginning their life together. They enjoyed three short, perfect months with their newborn child… until Dakota was diagnosed with Stage IV, High-Risk Neuroblastoma.

“It [quickly] became very obvious that the standard therapies for her type of cancer were [not] going to benefit her,” Stephanie said. So, for the next several years Nick, Stephanie and Dakota traveled from their home in Iowa to New York City, where Dakota endured multiple surgeries, high-dose chemotherapies and radiation.

“The NCCS helped relieve some of the financial burden by helping us with lodging, airfare, and meals,” said the Stephanie. “Without the aid of NCCS, we would not be able to get the healthcare treatment our daughter requires to stay alive and continue with her amazing quality of life.”

To ensure the treatment’s continued success, the  Dakota’s family still travels from Iowa to New York every eight weeks for follow-up appointments and testing. Nick and Stephanie remain optimistic about their daughter’s prognosis, fueled mostly by prayers from family and friends and their daughter’s unfailing sense of optimism.

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