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Over the Edge for Scouting

Oct 2
Hosted by:Buffalo Trail Council, Bo...
October 2, 2013 at 9:00am to
October 2, 2013 at 5:00pm
Midland Memorial Hospital map 400 Rosalind Redfern Grover Parkway Midland, TX 79701
Goal: $100,000
$1,290 4

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About Over The Edge

Buffalo Trail Council, BSA will host this unique event AGAIN this October to benefit the Scouting program in West Texas. This fundraiser will feature a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to rappeldown the side of Midland Memorial Hospital.

All participants will be treated likes VIP's while their supporters cheer them on during their thrilling descent! 

How to Participate

EDGERS: To secure a place, each participant needs to raise a minimum of $1,200 for the chance to go...OVER THE EDGE! We've made this as easy as possible for you. Simply click the "Create Your Fundraising Page" button at the top right of this page and follow the steps provided. Once you hit your goal of $1,200 you're in! But remember, all proceeds go to the Buffalo Trail Council so please continue to keep raising money any way that you can!

TOSS YOUR BOSS: Does your fearless leader have what it takes to go "Over the EDGE?" How about Tossing your Boss? You and your coworkers can raise $1,500 to "Toss your Boss."


Step One: Gather your coworkers

Send an internal email, schedule an “important meeting”, or ask for time at the next staff meeting. Get everyone on board to “Toss your Boss."

Step Two: Decide who is getting tossed  

Your fearless leader may not seem so fearless when it comes to dangling over the side of a tall building. Funds raised are for a good cause, so make it fun and exciting for whoever is going Over the Edge!

Step Three: Sign Up Online - RIGHT HERE! or complete this form and fax/mail it in!!

Step Four: Communicate your team goal

Collectively, you and your team must raise a minimum of $1,500 to “Toss your Boss”. We will make it easy by providing you the tools you will need to fundraise successfully.

Step Five: Reserve a rappel spot

Once your team has reached the $1,500 minimum, the Buffalo Trail Council staff member in charge of your Over the Edge event will contact your boss to reserve a rappel spot.

Step Six: Turn in donations, your boss will sign a waiver and you get to watch your boss go Over the Edge!

THE BOSS BLOCKER: Your boss has the option to respectfully decline participation ONLY IF he or she, or the company matches the donations raised by the employees (minimum $1,500). The boss can also set a higher goal for the team that, if reached, allows them to pick a willing individual from the group to rappel in their place!

How to Get Started

You can customize your very own personal online fundraising page with a picture, text, graphics and anything else you think might help you in raising money for this great cause. Once you set up your page, start sending it out to friends and family right away through email, Facebook and Twitter. The more people you send it to, the better chance you have of raising enough funds to gain entrance into this once in a lifetime event. 

  The Details

  The event will be taking place at:

  Midland Memorial Hospital

  Wednesday, October 2, 2013

  Need More Information?

  For more regarding the Over The Edge event, please contact
  Aaron Bedell at  (432)-570-7601 or

  To learn more about Over The Edge, you can visit their website by  clicking here.

  For sponsorship information, please click here.

Who Benefits?

Buffalo Trail Council serves more than 8,300 children throughout 18 counties in West Texas. Each summer, more than 3,000 campers test their camping and wilderness skills at the Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch. The younger Scouts, Cub Scouts, enjoy day camps and weekend outings designed to foster self-confidence while bringing families closer together. At-risk and underprivileged children of all ages practice life skills year-round which enable them to become vibrant contributors to our community.

Our youth need opportunities to explore nature, learn problem solving, and work as a team. Taking them off the couch, away from the television and video games and putting them in the outdoors is the answer. Your support of Over the Edge gives Scouting the fuel necessary to safeguard the door of success for our next generation of leaders, civil servants, teachers, and patriots.













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