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A user-friendly online donation experience is the starting point for any successful online fundraising program. Why waste time designing your own pages when you can connect our conversion-optimized donation forms to your website or marketing campaigns in just minutes.
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Stop Losing Donors

When you use StayClassy for online donations, you'll have the comfort of knowing that every one of your pages is user-friendly, integrated with social media, and optimized for conversions. We automatically store your donor data in your dashboard so you can manage relationships over time.

Make Each Donation Social

Each successful donation represents a unique opportunity to empower your supporter to further action. With StayClassy, donors can easily use Facebook, Twitter or email to share your cause with their family & friends, or set up a personal fundraising page immediately after making their donation.

Grow Recurring Donations

Acquiring recurring donors is the cornerstone of a well-devised online fundraising strategy. We'll help you turn one-time donors into monthly recurring donors, automatically process the donations each month and provide you with the tools you'll need to keep your donors engaged and happy.

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The tailored support from StayClassy helped us increase recurring donations 520% over the same time last year. This helps to forecast our operations, allowing us to engage more veterans in disaster relief across the country and around the world."

Jake Wood Co-Founder of Team Rubicon

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