Maximize Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

StayClassy gives you the tools you need to turn donors into active fundraisers.

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Your supporters don't want to see another company's branding on your fundraising pages- they expect to see yours. We take our brand out of the way so you can preserve supporter trust, increase participation, and raise more money for your cause.
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Acquire New Donors

Peer-to-Peer fundraising is a great strategy for attracting new donors. In just a few clicks, your supporters will be able to share your mission and start asking friends and family for contributions. Each new fundraiser means access to new networks of donors which are conveniently stored for you in your fundraising dashboard.

Make Fundraising Easy

Creating a fundraising page shouldn't feel like filling out a college application. The easier the process is, the more supporters you will turn into active fundraisers. StayClassy allows you to create branded templates, upload media, and write default text for your fundraisers so all they have to do is click a button & share.

Integrate with Your Website

Some of the most successful nonprofits leverage peer-to-peer fundraising all year long, and now you can too. Allow your website visitors to fundraise for you during events in their own lives like birthdays, holidays, runs/walks and more. It's as simple as creating a branded campaign & copying a few links to your website.

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I'm so excited about the potential that StayClassy is unlocking for us. We've got supporters raising funds for us in places we didn't realize support existed!"

Aaron Hadley Director of Operations, Imerman Angels

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