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More than 1.5 million Americans received hospice care last year. Most still had hopes and dreams for their life, but not the resources to make them come true. Many patients pass away and many families are left without seeing their final wishes come true.

More than 1.5 million people receive hospice care each year. Hospice programs pay for the important medicines and equipment needed to keep patients comfortable and safe, but the hospice philosophy promotes more than just physical comfort. When someone chooses hospice care, they are choosing to be in control of the end of their life and to truly live every day. Hospice Dreams helps hospice patients have the highest quality of life possible by fulfilling the Dreams they put aside or never achieved.

Last year, the all-volunteer staff spent 1,200 hours ‘Dreaming’ – from meeting with patients to accompanying families on Dream trips and creating a photo album afterward. From organizations like the St. Louis Cardinals and the Lyric Opera of Chicago to celebrities like Terry Fator and Steven Tyler, and from companies like Harrah’s and Southwest Airlines to small, family-owned businesses across the Midwest, Hospice Dreams quite simply knows who to call. Hospice Dreams makes it a special mission to grant Dreams to those people enrolled in a hospice program – any hospice program. While everyone deserves to realize their Dream, hospice patients have an especially urgent need. The magic of a Dream can happen overnight if needed – as it did when a patient’s daughter flew in from across the country for an impromptu family reunion.

Some Dreams are on a longer timeframe, like when patients want to attend a certain concert. Some Dreams are wonderfully timeless, like the patient who just wants to go fishing. Hospice Dreams has granted more than 150 Dreams – and those are just the patients themselves! Family is always invited to attend the Dream, and the average Dream has 2-3 family attendees. That means that almost 600 people have been comforted during one of the most difficult times of their life. Even after the patient passes away, the family can hold on to the memories of their loved one smiling, laughing and experiencing their Dream.

To help keep the memories alive, each and every family receives a photo album full of pictures from the Dream. About a third of Dreams are also recorded and made into a video for the family. When Diane had a curator-guided tour of the Detroit Institute of the Arts, her mother said, ‘It’s been so long since we had a day like this together. This is wonderful.’ When Kathryn attended her granddaughter and namesake’s wedding, she told Hospice Dreams staff, ‘This is just lovely. What a day, what a day, what a day.’ Although Hospice Dreams reaches a smaller group than many organizations, it has a profoundly emotional impact on each and every Dream recipient.

Living a Dream can mean the culmination of years and decades of a hobby or passion, the realization of a lifelong fantasy or passing your thoughts, feelings and love on to the next generation of your family. As the Director of Foundation Development Kansas Swain asks each donor, sponsor, reporter, fan and family – ‘What would be your Dream?’

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Hospice Dreams


Hospice Dreams is a non-profit wish granting organization dedicated to fulfilling unmet wishes, decreasing stress and improving quality of life for adult hospice patients.


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