Outreach Through Dance Empowers Local Charities

People of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds would benefit from a message of hope, strength and positivity through the power of giving. Our goal is to reach out to the community to show the power of giving through the art of dance.

Outreach Through Dance uses dance and performance to enrich the lives of people from multiple generations and ethnicities. In partnership with students, professionals and local sponsors, OTD has been able to raise funds and support for numerous charities and organizations across southern California, including: The Warrior Foundation, Donate Your Old Shoes, and more notably, The Make A Wish Foundation ® of San Diego.

Bringing together several dancers and choreographers from across San Diego County, OTD has managed to produce dance shows that both exhibit cutting-edge dance work and create opportunities to raise money and awareness for various local charities, since it’s inception in 2009. Members of OTD aim to be a valuable community resource by preserving the arts, educating, promoting awareness, and providing positive role models for the community.

Through the art of dance, OTD connects people with the message of hope, strength and positively through the power of giving. “Our reach is limitless,” says founder and CEO, Melissa Adao. Using her gifts of dance to benefit the community, Adao educates those who seek to know the art and culture, and expose to others the impact dance can bring to one’s life. Outreach Through Dance’s biggest achievement is their production ‘Dance For A Wish’ which raises money to adopt a child’s wish from The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of San Diego. Going into their 4th annual “Dance For A Wish” event, OTD is continuing to show what it means to give. “We’ve been able to donate $3,500 annually to The Make A Wish Foundation®,” said Adao. Bringing together more than 450 volunteers who make up the dancers, crew, and staff, Outreach Through Dance knows what it means to give.

Alex Cano, Community Development Manager for Make-A-Wish Foundation® of San Diego said that the wish child and entire family are “overwhelmed with gratitude” for being selected as the adopted wish for this event. “OTD goes over the top in providing a VIP experience for our wish kid and their family,” said Cano. “Every dancer, choreographer, poet, director, staff and volunteer pours their soul into this event and it shows.”

OTD has one goal in mind when dancing for a cause, and that is to give back. “I didn’t realize how much OTD changes the lives of these wish kids until their families tell me, and that’s extremely rewarding,” exclaimed Adao. “Working with the community has made me realize that with enough enthusiasm and encouragement, Outreach Through Dance can make a difference during the time of someone’s life when they really need it.”

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Outreach Through Dance


Through the arts, we connect people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds the message of hope, strength and positivity through the power of giving. Our reach is limitless.


  • Granted 1 wish for a child with the Make A Wish Foundation
  • Raised $10,500 for charity
  • 450 dancers, crew, and staff volunteered for the event
  • Donates $3,500 annually to Make A Wish Foundation

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