Over 143,800 Haitians Now Have Life Saving, Clean Water Thanks To Bahamas Habitat Aviation Missions

The people of Haiti face disease and death due to the lack of clean drinking water.

Bahamas Habitat exceeded expectations for 2011 to provide clean drinking water to the people of Haiti. With strong relationships in-country and NGO collaborations, our volunteer aviation missions ensured the installation of 20 purification sites, giving continuous, clean water to 143,810 adults and children. Activities were coordinated by Disaster & Relief Coordinator Cameron King, an accomplished pilot and flight instructor in her mid-twenties.

Bahamas Habitat is a US-based, Christian non-profit organization established in 2006. The organization provides on-going mission operations in the Caribbean through disaster response aviation logistics, delivery, evacuation, and emergency support.

Within a few days of the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, Bahamas Habitat began mission flights in small, private air craft to aid injured, ill, and hungry Haitian people. In the next 6 weeks, over 125 Bahamas Habitat pilot volunteers flew 3,200 flight hours for over 400 missions, moved 250,000 pounds of vital supplies, and carried hundreds of people in and out of Haiti. Over 32 states and 6 countries were represented in the airlift. Bahamas Habitat continued to fly missions to Haiti throughout 2010 and 2011 to provide supplies, volunteer aid, and water purification systems.

After our massive relief effort in 2010 with extensive relationship building throughout the nation, Bahamas Habitat felt sure there were additional ways we could use resources of planes and pilots to bring additional help to Haiti. The number one challenge in many areas is the lack of clean, disease-free drinking water. Even before the earthquake, Haiti ranked near the bottom of all nations for drinking water safety. The situation after the earthquake was even more dire and efforts to build any appropriate infrastructure for clean water was limited.

Just before the outbreak of the deadly Cholera epidemic in the fall of 2010 Bahamas Habitat launched water purification missions via a partnership with Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT) to deliver and install sustainable technology water purification systems in Haiti. By the end of that year, Bahamas Habitat delivered purification systems providing clean drinking water for over 48,000 men, women, and children. The systems work by chlorination, and weigh only 26 pounds.

Bahamas Habitat continued water system delivery missions to Haiti every month in 2011. Volunteer pilots donated one week of time per month to deliver technicians and equipment. A typical twin engine aircraft (like a Beech Baron), with a pilot and two SIFAT personnel can transport six systems along with numerous water filters for single-family dwellings that weigh less than a pound. This approach ensures technology is delivered on an ongoing basis and gives the Haitian people the gift of clean, safe, disease-free drinking water. We continue to be blessed and inspired by the impact of a few dedicated volunteers, simple technology, and small aircraft.

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  • This Achievement raised $1,620
  • This charity raised $317,833 in the past year
  • This Achievement helped 143,810 people
  • This charity helped 150,400 in the past year
  • Bahamas Habitat flew 12 aviation missions with technicians and equipment to establish over 20 clean drinking water sites serving 143,810 people.

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