Rutgers Sigma Chi Shatters National Greek Fundraising Record by Raising $167,000 for Charity

Rehabilitation hospitals like Children’s Specialized Hospitals don’t get reimbursed for charity care, so all the care given by them is 100% philanthropic dollars which they always need since many families can’t afford the expensive care needed by their children who are suffering from illnesses.

Nov 6 – Nov 12, 2011- Fraternities. Sororities. Greek life. These words have grown to be a stigma in the country along with being essentially synonymous with “hazing” and “alcohol abuse”. This negative stereotype that fraternities receive causes many people to be wary of Greeks, but in 2011, Rutgers Sigma Chi showed how this negative stereotype doesn’t tell the full story. Sigma Chi was the 6th largest donor to the Children’s Specialized Hospital behind corporations such as Costco and Walmart, but still donating more than companies such as IHOP and Rite Aid.

In their annual event Derby Days, Sigma Chi raised a national Greek record of $167,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network, Children’s Specialized Hospitals, and 7 other philanthropies with the help of 7 sororities- Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Kappa, and Zeta Tau Alpha. The amount of money Sigma Chi raised skyrocketed from only around $10,000 in 2009.

In Derby Days, each member of Sigma Chi gets distributed amongst the sororities and that sorority becomes that member’s “team” for that year for a total of over 800 people participating. The teams compete in events consisting of online donation competition, field events, penny wars, sign-a-Sig, Jeopardy, a brotherhood auction, and a lip sync competition to raise money while competing to be the Derby Days Champion, with last year being a tie between Phi Sigma Sigma and Sigma Delta Tau.

When asked how Sigma Chi is able to continue to do their best for the children despite not always getting recognition and having the fraternity stereotype looming, the Derby Days Director Sagar Shah responded with one word, “Passion. We only have one thing in mind with each second we spend on this event, each dollar we raise, and each new obstacle that comes in our way- helping the kids as much as we possibly can.”

The best part about Derby Days for the participants is the ability to see the results of their hard work. The money raised gets donated to the children in the local hospitals, such as the one down the street the brothers of Sigma Chi often visit. The money raised assists in helping the 19,000 children that Children’s Specialized helps each year, regardless of their ability to pay for services. These life-saving procedures are expensive, so Sigma Chi is dedicated to making sure that these families aren’t forced to watch their child suffer with a feeling of hopelessness due to an inability to pay for the care.

Nicole Fulmino, the Children’s Miracle Network Program Director states “Sigma Chi has gone above and beyond in their efforts to help our kids. Their spirit should serve as a model for not only college students, but all people in the community who want to join together and make a difference”. Sigma Chi at Rutgers is dedicated not only to raise money, but also show the world that there is no limit to what a dedicated group of individuals can accomplish. All it takes is passion.

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  • This College Organization raised $167,000 through this Achievement alone
  • This College Organization helped 100 people
  • Over $100,000 raised to assist the Children’s Specialized Hospitals in NJ to help aid 19,000 children suffering from cancer they aid each year

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