Why StayClassy?

Your Organization's Impact is Our Priority

We help you get your online fundraising on track and growing, so you can dedicate more of your resources towards your programs. Thousands of organizations like Oxfam, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Invisible Children are strengthening their organizations with StayClassy- you can too.

Organize Your Online Fundraising

All too often nonprofits wind up using several different online fundraising "tools" with no real understanding of what's working and what's not. This shotgun approach inevitably leads to organizational inefficiencies. StayClassy alleviates this problem by bringing all of your online fundraising together on one powerful but easy-to-use platform. Accept donations from your website, create custom appeals for marketing, launch peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, and sell tickets or registrations to your events. Everything connects seamlessly to your dashboard so you can manage each element of your online fundraising strategy from one place.

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Grow Your Online Fundraising

We work with thousands of nonprofits and are continuously learning how to maximize your chances of online fundraising success. The goal of our software is to pass this knowledge on to you so that you can avoid mistakes and start growing your online fundraising right off the bat. StayClassy will make it easier for you to acquire new donors, turn your supporters into active fundraisers, and measure your results. You'll have the comfort of knowing that every one of your online campaigns is user-friendly, integrated with social media, optimized for conversions, and set up to automatically capture the data you need to improve your fundraising efforts over time.

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Stabilize Your Online Fundraising

Imagine if your organization could rely on a steady stream of recurring donations each month? Growing your recurring donor base should be the ultimate goal of your long-term online fundraising strategy and StayClassy will help you each step of the way. With every campaign that you launch, your supporters will have the option to become monthly recurring donors. We track these opt-ins for you, automatically process the donations each month, and provide you with the tools you'll need to keep your donors engaged and happy. With each new recurring donor, your organization will become more sustainable, giving you the freedom to concentrate on critical programs.

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Our software is designed exclusively for
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Carefully Crafted in San Diego, California

StayClassy has far exceeded our expectations all around and has been a huge catalyst for our development strategy as well as new donor acquisition. Thank you for giving us the tools to get the tools in the hands of our fire/rescue departments."

Shane Parkings The National Firefighters Endowment

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